JB Boards Bungalow

We’re getting the JB Boards Bungalow ready for Spring 2019….stay tuned. Currently under construction.

Location: Lake Jocassee, SC | Adjacent to Devils Fork State Park

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3bd/2ba | Sleeps 8 | Nightly rental starts at $250

Customize your stand up paddleboards

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

JB Boards has been working on some new and exciting additions to our line up.  These changes have been made thanks in large part to our customer feedback.  Our paddleboards are a reflection of you, our customer, which is why we want to offer custom services with our products.

If you or someone you know is looking for a truly one-of-a-kind stand up paddleboard, JB Boards now offers fully custom stand up paddleboards. 

Add your own artwork, logo, graphic design to one of our existing shapes.  Select your own wood grains, paint colors, deck pads...think of your SUP as a blank canvas.  We will work with you every step of the way to create your own work of art. 

We call it 'functional art'...as all of our boards are designed to withstand the riggers of paddling for years to come, yet could hang on your wall at home or office as a masterpiece.

Our clients have been thrilled with their boards...

"JB Boards executed our prints better than any other collaboration Lilly Pulitzer has worked with in the past." -Michelle Kelly, CEO Lilly Pulitzer

"The boards are beautiful." -Ian Leslie, Industry West

Call or email us today for more information.



Industry West

Industry West

What kind of stand up paddle board should I consider?

If you are new to paddleboarding, you may ask yourself the question, "Which board is right for me?" This depends on what you want your paddleboarding experience to be. Are you an avid outdoorsman/woman? Do you intend to shred waves or compete in the burgeoning SUP race circuit? Maybe you want to simply relax with some friends on an evening sunset paddle...whatever your lifestyle, there is a great paddleboard out there waiting for you. We recommend to be serious with yourself, examine your current lifestyle...we all think we'll be out there on the water paddling every day, be realistic.  Look in your garage at all the other "toys" you have sitting there collecting dust.  If you love to run, you probably have some really nice running shoes.  Investing in your SUP equipment should reflect how avid you think you'll actually use it.  No sense spending thousands of dollars, go out one time and then sell it on craigslist for a huge loss...again, be realistic with yourself. Now, if you're are like most newbies to stand up paddle boarding you are excited about your new mode of transportation, you will be out there every chance you get...so don't run out an buy an overgrown boogie board from Sam's Club and expect to be the next Laird Hamilton. Now that you're feet on back on the ground, let's talk paddleboards...

Fun Shape

This is your most common stand up paddle board shape.  It looks kind of like a big, overgrown surfboard...in many respects, that is exactly what it is.  These are the best all-water paddleboards.  If you live on the coast and have the option of both flat water and surfing waves, this is the most versatile shape for both conditions.

Displacement Hull

A displacement hull looks like a boat or kayak on the nose of the board, allowing the water to pass on either side of the board. This provides superior tracking and speed when flat water paddling.  A displacement hull shape is found on all race boards and most touring boards.  Some are narrow (race boards) so be sure you demo a few different shapes and sizes before settling on one.  They can be very 'tippy' and difficult to manage in choppy conditions for less experienced paddlers.

Surf SUPs

Only a few years ago did we start seeing SUPs in the line up, sitting outside picking off set waves before anyone even knew a wave was coming.  Back then surf SUPs we large, mostly longboard shapes...now, we're seeing lengths in the 7 foot range, high performance, cut rails and channels throughout the bottom, some really impressive advances have been made to this side of paddleboard shapes.

Prone Paddleboards

When you see someone on their knees paddling with their arms, this is prone paddling.  Also using displacement hull design, prone paddleboards are generally not used for stand up paddleboarding.  That said, a SUP can be used for prone paddling.  Paddle fitness has become increasingly more popular and many workouts will incorporate prone paddling into their fitness routine as a way to strengthen your shoulders, arms and back.

Yoga & Fitness

SUPs are fantastic platforms for yoga and other fitness routines.  Most yoga/fitness boards will be in the traditional 'fun shape', some have blunted noses and tails, are a bit wider than a surf or touring board and may have a full deck pad. If you are an avid yogi or gym junkie, stand up paddleboarding is a must! Not only will you challenge your rarely used stabilizer muscles, but there is something so fulfilling being on the water and getting an amazing workout. 


Are you tired of fishing from the dock? Don't want the expense of a boat? Get a paddleboard! You can fish from any paddleboard, but you may want one that is extra wide for stability when fighting a BIG one. Recessed decks serve a dual purpose of spooling fly line at your feet and keeping your gear from getting sloshed into the water. Also, added tie-downs and other accessories for your cooler, tackle box, rods and anything else you'll need.

Who knows where stand up paddle boards will be in the next 10 years.  JB Boards will be there every step or paddle of the way. Give us a call to talk more about your next paddleboard.

Aloha from Hilton Head, South Carolina...


Where to Paddle in South Carolina? Paddling the Edisto River...

12' Gotcha by JB Boards

12' Gotcha by JB Boards

There are several options for paddleboarding in and around the Low Country...but one river in particular contains not only beautiful scenery and wildlife, but also history.

The Edisto River headwaters begin up around Saluda and Edgefield counties with 2 separate rivers, North & South Fork.  The North Fork runs through Orangeburg, SC and meanders through the state until connecting with the South Fork just west of I-95.  The river continues all the way to the ACE Basin, which is the confluence of the Ashepoo and Combahee Rivers until  reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

We put in at the Colleton River State Park and paddled Park to Park, a 23 mile paddle, to the Givhans Ferry State Park.  This was an overnight trip as we paddled approximately half the first day.  Keep an eye out for the one and only bridge, this is about 1/3 of the way...we camped just a mile or 2 past this bridge.

Friendly locals and riverlifers greeted us whenever there were signs of civilization.  Loads of birds and other critters were keeping the river and forest alive with song. All told this was very peaceful paddle, downstream and with the wind...a stand up paddleboarder's cruise control.

I would recommend this overnight trip to anyone wanting to unplug and get away from the hustle bustle of everyday life.  If you're a local (South Carolinian), you will see parts of your state you didn't know existed...and you didn't even leave the state!  If you're a naturalist, this is a home run...so much to take in...you may want to start higher up the river and paddle all the way to the Atlantic.  

Next up, The Ashepoo and Combahee Rivers...stay tuned!

Sunsets with JB Boards


Join JB Boards for an afternoon of paddleboarding, burgers and fun. We will provide a range of stand up paddleboards for all skill levels. 

The Hilton Head Rowing & Sailing Center is located next to Benny Hudson's Seafood Market at 133 Squire Pope Road. Whether you're an avid paddleboarder or first-timer, come out and enjoy this wonderful public park and all our island has to offer. 

Our lil warrior, Alex Arrieta, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on 2/6/15. He is 9 years old, loves soccer and is an honor roll 4th grader, has 2 brothers and a sister.

When you're finished paddling, enjoy food and drink provided by Play & Gourmet, a leader in home theater and automation, appliance sales, and wireless audio in Bluffton and Hilton Head.

All donations will benefit Alex and his family. 

Big Thanks to: Island Rec Center, Play & Gourmet, and Amiri Studio


They sell paddleboards at Costco?

We hear this all the time, "Did you know they sell paddleboards at Costco?" The simple answer is, "Yes." Then I ask, "Did you buy one?"

Stand Up Paddleboarding has come a long way in a very short period of time.  Created by surfers and adapted by kayakers, canoers, fishermen and yogis...and this is just the beginning.  

I'm constantly amazed at how many different walks of life we see taking an interest in the sport of stand up paddleboarding.  I use the term, 'sport' loosely. Most of us think of paddleboarding as an activity reserved for the avid athlete, but the reality is more and more people are finding they love paddleboarding in their own way.

If someone has an interest, but has not yet tried paddleboarding, I use the analogy of walking.  When you go for a walk, you may simply stroll, then jog and maybe even a sprint...some might just lay down and stare at the sky. Whatever your experience, it is your experience.

Paddleboarding is a personal endeavor and should be enjoyed however the individual wants to experience it.  It is very personal to us.

So the next time your friend asks, "Did you know they sell paddleboards at Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or any other big box retailer?" remind them of how personal your paddleboard is to you.

Savannah Boat Show | March 4 - 6

JB Boards will be showcasing our new 2016 boards.  Stop by River Supply in the atrium before entering the main showroom...get ready for the season with JB Boards.  Remember to ask about the boat show deals!

The Savannah Boat Show, now in its 14th year, is located on Hutchinson Island, Georgia, overlooking the Savannah River and on the South Carolina border.  This show’s strength is its location, two hours north of Jacksonville, Florida, and two hours south of Charleston, South Carolina providing a natural magnet for attracting boating enthusiasts and exhibiting companies from all three states and beyond.  The show primarily showcases powerboats.  Savannah, like Charleston, is on the coast, which makes it a strong salt water fishing location.  Each year, fishing experts are on-hand for seminars and demonstrations.  The show also features boats overlooking the Savannah River and other maritime displays and exhibits.  In its history, the show has held shag contests, seafood festivals, live music and other family entertainment.  It’s one of the few winter boat shows in the country fortunate enough to have a water-front view.  Whether it’s sunny or inclement weather, there is something interesting for everyone at the Savannah Boat Show.

Join us March 4-6, 2016


Savannah International Trade and Convention Center

1 International Drive

Savannah, GA 31402


Friday, March 4, 2016 Noon to 6:00pm

Saturday, March 5, 2016 10:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday, March 6, 2016 11:00am to 5:00pm


Adults: $8.00

Children 4 to 12: $5.00

Children 3 & Under: Free

Seniors (65+) & Military: $5.00

Parking: $5.00 or take the River Street Ferry for Free

Columbia Boat Show 2016

Come visit the JB Boards booth and get a great deal on the paddleboard of your dreams.  Our 2016 models are in and they are beautiful!


Friday, Feb. 12 | 10am-9pm

Saturday, Feb. 13 | 10am-8pm

Sunday, Feb. 14 |  10am-6pm

Open to the Public
$8 Admission for Adults
FREE Admission for Children 12 & Under

1200 Rosewood Dr. Columbia, SC 29201 | South Carolina State Fair Grounds

Parking $5


JB Boards

Fall is here...get out there!

10' Easy Rider by JB Boards

10' Easy Rider by JB Boards

Fall is upon us...we love this time of year...the water isn't too cold and sun is still nice and hot.  This season is the best for paddling.  Take a some time away from your busy schedule and go for a paddle, you'll be happy you did!

If you're local to Hilton Head, here are some great places you may want to try out...

1. Rowing and Sailing Center | 133 Squire Pope Rd, Hilton Head, SC

2. Bluffton Oyster Company | 63 Wharf Street, Bluffton SC

3. Marshland Road Boat Landing | Next to Old Oyster Factory 101 Marshland Rd, Hilton Head, SC


JB Boards

NEW 2015 | 11' Balance by JB Boards | 888.694.2346 | Get Out There!

Balance by JB Boards

Our flagship model has been redesigned for 2015!  If you've been searching for the perfect paddleboard, the search is over.  The 11' Balance is the perfect board for all occasions, flat water touring, log riding waves, core fitness, yoga & meditation and our favorite...exploring the waterways of the lowcountry.  Get Out There with JB Boards...order yours today! 888.694.2346 | www.jbsup.com