How much is a paddleboard?

This is a question we hear a lot, mainly because so many of us are interested in the sport, yet have never owned their own stand up paddleboard.  We hope to answer basic questions surrounding your first (or repeat) purchase of a stand up paddleboard.

How much is a paddleboard?

Stand up paddleboards range in pricing from $600 to $3, with all sporting equipment, one may spend as much as they wish when it comes to custom, specialized products.  As for JB Boards, we aim to keep pricing affordable while maintaining a high quality product.  

JB Boards range from $795 to $1,095, including the paddleboard, fins, deck pad, cargo bungees, insulated travel board bag, adjustable aluminum paddle, coiled leash and awesome JB Boards trucker hat.

What size paddleboard should I consider?

Stand up paddleboards range from 7' to 14'+ and they're used for different purposes.

Surf SUP...7' to 9' 6" is the range of length, but the shape of the board is also important, you may want a traditional "short board" style with a squash or rounded pin tail with a tri-fin set up.  Some like the "fish" style board, giving the surfer more surface area for a more stable glide with the performance of a shorter board.  

JB Boards offers 2 surf SUPs:

8'2" JBGB | Traditional squash tail, slight nose rocker, 31" width and 4 5/8" thickness | Coming in 2015 | $795.00

8'4" Ono | Fish with quad-fin set up, low nose rocker, 32" width and 4 5/8" thickness | Coming in 2015 | $795.00

All around SUPs are the most prominent styles of boards on the market today.  These are your traditional "fun shapes" ranging in length of 9' to 12'.  While they all have their own nuances...these boards are your 'go to' paddleboards for an everyday paddle.  Yoga, surfing, distance paddling, fishing are just a few of the potential uses for this type of paddleboard.

JB Boards offers 3 types of All Around SUPs:

10' Easy Rider | Inspired by long board surfboards, our Easy Rider is as simple as the name, just hop on and paddle...with a 31" width and 4 5/8" thickness, the Easy Rider is a must for any quiver.  Perfect for flat water paddling, yoga and small waves. | $895.00

11' Balance | Our most popular board, the Balance gives you a versatile SUP for all occasions.  Yoga and meditation, long distance paddling, fishing and surfing small waves.  32" width and 4 3/4" thickness provides additional stability and volume for beginners and larger paddlers. | $995.00

12' The Wagon | Your ohana (family in Hawaiian) will love this board...designed to be our SUV SUP, the Wagon can carry you and all your too!  Fishing and long distance exploration are in the Wagon's DNA. With box rails, 4 3/4" thickness and a 33" wide deck, you can load up to 350 lbs on this big rig and stay dry.  Extremely stable for all experience levels. | Coming in 2015 | $1,095.00