6 Easy Ways to Care For Your SUP

11' Balance by JB Boards

11' Balance by JB Boards

You've just invested into your waterman or waterwoman lifestyle and need to know how to maintain and care for your equipment.  Here's how:

Paddleboards have a love/hate relationship with salt water and sunlight.  Of course you paddleboard in salt water (or fresh water) and most of the time it's during the day, but when you're not out having fun and especially after your paddle you'll want to take care of your rig.

Here are some tips on maintaining and proper storage:


  1. Rinse your board with fresh water after every use
  2. Dry your board completely and put it in your JB Board Bag when it's not in the water
  3. When not in use never leave your board exposed to direct sunlight for extended time
  4. Always keep your board in a shaded area when not in use. At high temperatures the EPS foam core can become unstable which can lead to serious damage to your board.
  5. When not in use never leave your deck pad exposed and facing the sun
  6. If you must leave your board in direct sunlight for any amount of time use your JB Board Bag with the reflective side toward the sun

Borax is also good to mix with water and spray on your deck pad for it's anti-fungal properties. 

Periodic fiberglass cleaning is also recommended.  Try:  On It's Blue Goo