They sell paddleboards at Costco?

We hear this all the time, "Did you know they sell paddleboards at Costco?" The simple answer is, "Yes." Then I ask, "Did you buy one?"

Stand Up Paddleboarding has come a long way in a very short period of time.  Created by surfers and adapted by kayakers, canoers, fishermen and yogis...and this is just the beginning.  

I'm constantly amazed at how many different walks of life we see taking an interest in the sport of stand up paddleboarding.  I use the term, 'sport' loosely. Most of us think of paddleboarding as an activity reserved for the avid athlete, but the reality is more and more people are finding they love paddleboarding in their own way.

If someone has an interest, but has not yet tried paddleboarding, I use the analogy of walking.  When you go for a walk, you may simply stroll, then jog and maybe even a sprint...some might just lay down and stare at the sky. Whatever your experience, it is your experience.

Paddleboarding is a personal endeavor and should be enjoyed however the individual wants to experience it.  It is very personal to us.

So the next time your friend asks, "Did you know they sell paddleboards at Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or any other big box retailer?" remind them of how personal your paddleboard is to you.